Evergreen Beauty & Health Volcanic Stone Tibetan Buddha Bracelet
Evergreen Beauty & Health Volcanic Stone Tibetan Buddha Bracelet
Evergreen Beauty & Health 4 Volcanic Stone Tibetan Buddha Bracelet
Evergreen Beauty & Health 3 Volcanic Stone Tibetan Buddha Bracelet
Evergreen Beauty & Health 2 Volcanic Stone Tibetan Buddha Bracelet
Evergreen Beauty & Health 1 Volcanic Stone Tibetan Buddha Bracelet

Volcanic Stone Tibetan Buddha Bracelet

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Volcanic Stone Tibetan Buddha Bracelet

A beautiful and affordable item that is not only ornamental but also spiritual.  This Tibetan bracelet is comprised of lava or volcanic stones. Each bead represents a mantra or a prayer like a rosary bead.  Buddhist beads originated in India and were originally made from Rudraksha seeds.  These seeds were used instead of beads to keep account of the chants or prayers each day. There are actually 108 seeds or mala beads that make a complete Buddhist bead that is normally worn to be used during meditation.  There are many reasons for the 108 beads.  Some believe that is 108 stages of the human journey to reach ultimate enlightenment.  There may be 108 energy lines that lead to the heart of the chakra.  Whichever belief you hold dear to, this modified version of the original bead symbolizes Buddhism. That is the purpose and to remind all of us to meditate or pray each day. It reminds us also to be in unity with our world and with each other. That is the beauty of the bracelet.  Our most favorite feature is that it is very simple and rustic and natural but incorporates volcanic lava in the design.  We hope you will embrace this bracelet as much as we have.  Peace to you.

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