Evergreen Beauty & Health Silver 65cm Explosion-proof Yoga Ball
Evergreen Beauty & Health Blue 65cm Explosion-proof Yoga Ball
Evergreen Beauty & Health Purple 65cm Explosion-proof Yoga Ball

Explosion-proof Yoga Ball

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Explosion-proof Yoga Ball

Do you enjoy doing yoga at home? If so, this explosion-proof thicken yoga ball is highly recommended to you. It's made of high quality PVC, which is sturdy and environmentally friendly. This yoga ball is thickened, which has a strong bearing capacity and not easily explodes.  Thus, it's very safe and suitable for people of all ages. In addition, it not only can be used for yoga, but also suitable for body building, dance, massage health care, etc. We have seen that many women who are expecting mothers have been a big group that have purchased from us in the past.  So trust us, it's worth buying!

  1. Made of high quality PVC, sturdy, elastic and environmentally friendly
  2. Thicken, has a strong bearing capacity, not easily explodes.
  3. Brightly colored and practical
  4. Smooth surface, comfortable to touch
  5. Safe and suitable for people of all ages
  6. Suitable for body building, dance, massage health care, pregnancy, etc.

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