Evergreen Beauty & Health Dark gold New Design Adjustable Bracelet
Evergreen Beauty & Health Light Yellow Gold Color New Design Adjustable Bracelet
Evergreen Beauty & Health rose gold New Design Adjustable Bracelet
Evergreen Beauty & Health Vermeil New Design Adjustable Bracelet
Evergreen Beauty & Health silver New Design Adjustable Bracelet
Evergreen Beauty & Health Dark Green New Design Adjustable Bracelet
Evergreen Beauty & Health gold New Design Adjustable Bracelet

New Design Adjustable Bracelet

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New Design Zircon Adjustable Bracelet

Our Best Selling Bracelet Collection.  The reason being how elegant and classy the colors and design complement each other.  So simple to wear and adjust.  You have glamour and luxury in no time with this accessory zircon jewelry piece.  No one would ever image how much this piece cost.  It has the looks of luxury jewelry that cost 3 to 4 times it's real cost.  More importantly, it's how it makes you look and feel in that spectacular dress.  We can only attest that it must make women feel wonderful and beautiful because they continue to buy 2 to 3 pieces of this collection.   So affordable that you can do this.  If you need a beautiful bracelet for your attire, this is a must have.  We sell a ton and the season being that it's a beautiful piece regardless.

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